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Haitian Proud
#HatianProud #HaitianFyè

As part of Team Haiti-USA's mission to champion Haitian culture, we launched "Hatian Proud" in April 2023. Haitian Proud celebrates Haitians across the globe who are making a difference in their community or setting an example of Haitian excellence. Team Haiti wants to celebrate the stories of our people and let the world know that Haiti and its people are more than what they may have seen in popular news. Haitians throughout the globe are helping shape the world for the better. 

Nominate someone to be featured in Haitian Proud!

In the nomination box please give us as much information as possible about the person you are nominating. Include their first name, last name, background, any initiatives they have been part of that exemplify Haitian excellence, and anything else they would like to say about Haiti. A picture must be included. "Haitian Proud" is shared on our Facebook page, as well as on VWAZINAJ.
*Team Haiti-USA reserves the right to edit any info provided for clarity, as well as when to and when not to decide to post the nominee.

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