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"Little by Little, the bird builds its nest."     Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.
Haitian Proverb

Together, we can apply our knowledge and capabilities to promote our culture, production, and the protection of our ecology. The Vwazinaj community news network's goal is to promote all aspects of Haitian culture in an inclusive and inviting way. Like a neighbor who knows the neighborhood's latest happenings, we will share a variety of news from educational endeavors, to healthcare information, to creations of the Haitian people. Vwazinaj is also a place people can exchange ideas, forge relationships, and spread smiles to those whom for whatever reason hope has not for some time visited the spirit. We hope you'll join our community news network.

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VWAZINAJ news can also be found on WhatsApp. Join the conversation. Clicking on the button will open WhatsApp.

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