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Haitian Proud - Raoul Peck

As part of Team Haiti-USA's mission to champion Haitian culture, our series "Haitian Proud" celebrates Haitians around the globe making a difference. #HaitianProud #haitianfyè - Raoul Peck is a Haitian filmmaker, best known for "Lumumba" and critically-acclaimed film, "I Am Not Your Negro". While he’s made many career ventures, he’s known for his work in the sociopolitical art world. Widely accepted as Haiti’s most famous filmmaker, he’s been vocal about Haitian and American relations on multiple occasions over the years, even going so far as to restore Haiti’s humanity in the public eye after their 2010 earthquake.

Peck attended schools in the DRC (Kinshasa), in the United States (Brooklyn), and in France (Orléans) where he earned a baccalaureate, before studying industrial engineering and economics at Berlin's Humboldt University. He was also Haiti's Minister of Culture from 1996 to September 1997.

Peck took note of the perceived weakness of his country in the West and attempted to reinvent his nation in the eyes of others through film. Entitled "Moloch Tropical", the film explored Haiti’s rich history and the importance of power in a nation that’s rarely recognized for it. Largely surrounding the final day in office for an absolute leader, the film covered Haiti’s decades-long battle for a proper democracy in the face of despotism and vicious militarization. He hoped to transform Haiti and impart some of its values and culture unto the world. - [Info credit to Vibe]


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