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Haitian Proud - Lunie Joseph

As part of Team Haiti-USA's mission to champion Haitian culture, our series "Haitian Proud" celebrates Haitians around the globe making a difference. #HaitianProud#HaitianFyè


Lunie Jospeh - Haitian Proud - Team Haiti-USA

Lunie Joseph was born in Port-au-Prince, to a family of three children. She did her primary studies with the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception and secondary studies at the Elie Dubois Technical High School. She always wanted to be close to people, to inform and educate the world, which is why after her classical studies, she entered the Autonomous University of Port-au-Prince (UNAP) for studies in educational sciences. Two years later, in 2010 after the terrible and disastrous earthquake in Haiti, Lunie had to give up this cherished dream because the university was dislodged from the Haitian capital.

Faced with this situation and with the aim of always being there for others, Lunie decided to start studying Journalism at Isnac. She got a second job as a presenter on Espace FM radio, with Patrick Moussignac as CEO. After her experience at Espace FM, she found a job at the renowned broadcasting station Zenith FM, headed by Rony Colin. At this station, she co-hosts one of the most watched shows in the country, namely the show “Train Matinal” and has been doing so for 8 years.

She does not just stay behind the microphone; she has always been the first to cover big events like protests. Those close to her call her the “Concrete Lunie, the Tireless Lunie”. Journalism has always been a passion, something deep in her soul. She has plenty of models like; Liliane Pierre Paul, Valery Numa, and Roberson Alphons as she makes a name for herself. She has always shown herself to be devoted, impartial and professional in her work.

To refine her training, she is taking training courses in the field. Finding that this is not enough, she decided to study Diplomacy and International Relations at the Center for Diplomatic and International Studies (CEDI). This helps Lunie to better understand the issues of politics, whether in Haiti or elsewhere.

She identifies best with the quote: “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” - Benjamin Franklin


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